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Here's a highlight of some 5 star reviews we've received over the years

"Ever since Chef Rogger introduced us (World Wide Corals) to his Complete Blend and Complete Blend Plus Reef Foods we have seen colors in our reef that we did not see before. Our corals and fish are much more bright and lively. We attribute a lot of it to feeding our reefs Roggers' Food on a consistent basis. Our Koi Tang always showed tiny signs of white but much more yellow. However once we started to feed him Roggers' Food he shows less yellow and much more white...success!"Victor Fornari of World Wide Corals Orlando, Florida

"I got tired of feeding several different foods. Ever since I switched to Rogger's Reef Food I've noticed corals and fish nice and swoll...:) My finickiest fish eat and live!!! All colors have improved fish and corals!
I think I'm going to cook and eat some
I'm convinced!! Thanks again” Richard Negret, Cornbred Corals

"I just wanted to say how amazing your food is. I have been using your fish food for years now. I remember years ago, driving to your house and you and a few friends just making it in your kitchen using the freshest products around. I knew I was getting some good quality food with a lot of thought and love put in. Even with all that information I decided to try other foods. I spent at least $200 on every other commercial food available to find another good quality food for my breeding clownfish. All that was a waste though. All those other frozen foods all have frost bite and ready to hit the trash. They have been banished to the back of the freezer. I left the hobby a year or so ago as you know and just recently returned. I decided to again go back to what was best, Roggers Reef Food and my fish couldn't be happier! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing such great food and if my fish could speak, they would as well. Thanks Rogger” -Matthew Davidson

"Finally a frozen fish food that not only fish and invertebrates love, but is highly nutritious for them too. Rogger's Food is a lifesaver for finicky eaters... I recommend it to all my clients.” -Raúl Ortiz

"WOW did my fish and critters love this stuff. I was at the SWFMAS meeting you demoed your food at and picked up a bag of it.I was useing RODS but... as soon as I pulled some of your food out of the bag I noticed the difference, yours was MUCH fresher smelling and lighter wieght. With Rods it is alot of dark colored water and little food, with yours it light and filled with meat and the livestock went NUTS. Thank you for putting so much time and energy into this product it really shows. See you around" -Anthony Peacock

 "Well where do I start " I've had a Moorish Idol eating out of my hand since day one" . Over many years in the hobby I've pretty much tried every food in the market including my own mix, and finally found a retail mix that incorporates all of what I want and keeps out what I don't want. From finicky Angelfish to Moorish Idols this food a in my experience is like the last diet coke in the desert fish simply can’t have enough. Extremely happy with fish and sps and how they respond to this mix. Satisfied customer" - Dr. Manuel Longo

"Rogger's reef food has added color to both my fish and corals! It has opened new doors to me and my tank. Powder blues/browns, and Achilles are know to be prone to ich/ick big worry before. But no longer! This food is Awesome! Keep up the good work Rogger! Cant wait to try the new coral food!” -Matthew Bowman

"I would just like to express my extreme satisfaction with your product. Starting with customer service, you followed up on my order and may sure that I had recieved the correct food supply. I have noticed a great response from the fish and even one my most finicky eaters, a long nose Butterfly, has taken to the garlicky goodness. I believe you have a superior product at a reasonable price and I will continue to supply my customers with it, and recommend it to others. Consider this email as a very positive testimonial and I look forward to placing my next order for Roggers Reef Food."-Ryan Kumpf