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About us

Chef Marine is an owner-operated company located in Florida. Hand processed fish food produced in small batches to ensure quality. Flash frozen before shipping. Every single ingredient is hand picked, chopped, blended and packaged by Chef Rogger Castells, the creator of Complete Blend and Complete Blend Plus.

No preservatives, binders, fillers or exoskeletons. Rogger's Fish Food is proudly made in Florida for aquarists worldwide.

I started working with Marine Aquariums at a very early age. I was seven when my aunt gave me my first ten gallon fish tank. This was originally set up as a fresh water tank that quickly became a saltwater tank. From there it evolved into many successful marine aquariums.

In the early nineteen eighties my lifelong passion as an aquarist flourished when I obtained my Scuba Certification and spent several summers observing fish behavior in the Galapagos Islands. It was at this point in my life that my respect for the sea and its inhabitants became an integral part of my life. My second passion was in the culinary arts. After obtaining my culinary degree from Johnson & Whales University in Rhode Island I started my career as a Professional Chef.

It's been a long journey with lots of trial and errors but my two passions have finally come together. My years of marine research and love for the culinary arts have facilitated the creation of Roger's Fish Food. As word got out, my fish food became quite popular among my local fish club members, Florida Marine Aquarium Society, which I currently preside. I am proud to now make my fish food accessible to aquarists around the country. The products now come in two proudly presented formulas Complete Blend and Complete Blend Plus.