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All organic.

Wild caught ingredients.

Formulated to stay solid after thawing to prevent floating debris from ending up under rocks or in your overflow. Stays in one spot instead of getting spread around the tank.

 Vitamin and HUFA fortified.

Created for salt water fish, inverts and corals.
Fresh, organic, wild caught, frozen food with no preservatives, fillers, binders or exoskeletons.
Shrimp, squid, octopus, clam, mussels (plus blend comes with lobster and 100% spirulina added).
Fresh pressed garlic, 100% pure fresh aloe vera, Copepod Sp., and Selcon™.

There is no need to rinse or add anything

Each ingredient in Rogger's Reef food is of high quality human consumption and rinsed with RO/DI water prior to being mixed. 
Frozen fish food served with a feeding clip. Quick to thaw and holds together until completely consumed.

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