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Complete Blend Plus 7oz.

Rogger's reef food

  • $25.99

 This formula was developed with a higher nutrition in mind, it contains the same ingredients as the Complete blend with added lobster, scallops and spirulina which makes the food green in color, This blend works as an every day food as well but it incorporates the extra benefits of the Spirulina, it is perfect for Tang and Angelfish.

  • Rogger's Complete Blend Plus Reef Food is formulated for salt water fish, inverts and corals.
  • Fresh, organic, wild caught, frozen food with no preservatives, fillers, binders or exoskeletons.
  • Shrimp, squid, octopus, clam, mussels PLUS lobster and 100% spirulina, fresh pressed garlic, 100% pure fresh aloe vera, Copepod Sp., and Selcon™.
  • Vitamin and HUFA fortified.
  • We recommend the Rogger's Reef Food be use in conjunction with a feeding clip, this will help keep the food in one place and allow the fish to eat at their leisure.

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