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Veggie Marine Flakes 250ml

Rogger's reef food

  • $13.50

Veggie Flakes is a blend of seven verieties of seaweed mixed with fresh phytoplankton including Spirulina and Chlorella. This formula is suitable for feeding to all tropical and marine herbivore species.

Low leach formula designed to compliment recirculated filtration systems.

Feed your fish using as much as they can feed within of 2 min.

Veggie Flakes will not cloud the water.


Marine Algea, fish and fishbyproducts, shrimp/clams and shrimpbyproducts, oils and fats, mineral nutrients, plant extracts.

crudeprotein 20%
crudefats 8,5%
crudeash 34,5%
crudefibre 2,4%
phosporus 0,3%
Moisture 3%
Calcium 2,3 %

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